{"status":200,"status_message":"Picture 3125","data":{"picture_id":3125,"moddate":"2022-11-25 13:04:15","title":"This electric kiln thermocouple needs replacement","alttag":"","titletag":"","metadescrip":"","metakeys":"","S3URL":"https:\/\/reference.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com\/images\/pictures\/1gtozkfepw.jpg","S3Date":"2022-11-25 13:20:02","url":"","picture_date":"2022-11-25 13:04:31","path":"images\/pictures\/","filename":"1gtozkfepw.jpg","deleted":0,"notfound":0,"descrip":"The old one inside is in bad condition (a new one is sitting on top ready to install). In 2022 these cost about $35 CDN. The temperature-measuring part of a thermocouple is the join of two dissimilar metal wires, these are 8 gauge. The junction produces a temperature-dependent voltage that a pyrometer or controller can convert to a reading. Thermocouples can degrade into pretty poor condition yet still work, notice the one in this kiln is separating in two. Thermocouples generally need replacement more often than elements, they generally last about 150 firings (cone 04-06) and 50 firings (cone 6). Replacing these does not require electrical expertise.","disqualify":0,"timelinephoto":1,"timeline_name":"","plainsman":"p","insight_help_id":0,"fullpath":"\/var\/www\/digitalfire.com\/4sight\/images\/pictures\/1gtozkfepw.jpg","fullurl":"https:\/\/digitalfire.com\/4sight\/images\/pictures\/1gtozkfepw.jpg","pictures":{"3112":{"z":"TrtyqosQ6c","alttag":"Kiln elements need replacing","titletag":"","title":"Do these kiln elements need replacing?","notes":"This 12 inch test kiln has done 910 firings. The element loops are laying down and nearly touching each other. If they are not changed soon the coils will touch the kiln will have hot spots. And the coils are expanding and getting tighter in the grooves, the longer we wait the more the grooves will be damaged when removing them. Although elements seem expensive, when costed on a per\/firing basis they can be surprisingly inexpensive. Most hobby kilns service two elements with each relay and relays generally need to be replaced more often than elements. Consider, for example, replacing the elements on a Skutt 818. Being a smaller kiln it is well-powered in relation to size and elements can last up to 1000 firings (assuming 50:50 bisque and cone 6 firings). It has 4 elements and 2 relays (relays cost $65\/ea, elements $95 each). The labor to replace is ~4 hours or $250 - total cost is about $750 (that is ~75¢ per firing or 32¢ per ft³). How about a larger kiln? An 8 ft³ Model 1222 has 5 elements and 3 relays and replacement is ~$1100. But its elements are only likely to last 200 firings. That yields a per firing cost of ~$5 and per ft³ of 65¢. But there is a much greater cost to consider: Old elements increase power consumption. An 818 uses 6.4 kwH and a 1222 uses 11.5 kwH - at our electricity cost of 14¢\/kwH a firing costs ~$7 for the small kiln and ~$13 for the large one. But that is the cost when elements are new. When they need changing those numbers can more than double! An additional cost of old elements is ware consistency, the kiln cannot execute the firing schedule in the time programmed and this will likely affect the appearance of bodies and glazes.","filename":"kjglpethop.jpg","path":"images\/pictures\/","fullpath":"\/var\/www\/digitalfire.com\/4sight\/images\/pictures\/","fullurl":"https:\/\/digitalfire.com\/4sight\/images\/pictures\/","picture_date":"2022-11-21 11:55:06","S3URL":"https:\/\/reference.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com\/images\/pictures\/kjglpethop.jpg","S3Date":"2022-11-21 12:05:03","timelinephoto":"1","ord":"0","direction":"out","url":null}},"links":{"glossary":[{"link":"glossary\/Thermocouple","descrip":"","label":"Thermocouple","ord":"0"}]}}}