L3954N/J Cone 10 Engobe Base


A cone 10 engobe intended for use on Plainsman H550, H450. A higher shrinkage variation, L3954J, works on H570 and P580.


Please read the information for the L3954B cone 6 variation of this for more information.


The recipe and other technical information are available here.

Laguna B-Mix with G2571A bamboo over L3954J black engobe. The black engobe bleeds through as brown on the bamboo but black on the liner glaze (GR10-C Ravenscrag talc matte).


Ravenscrag GR10-C silky matte over L3954N black engobe on H550. Fired at cone 10R. GR10-C is just 90% Ravenscrag Slip and 10% talc.

Fired at cone 10R. H450 clay. The inside is L3954N black engobe under G1947U glossy transparent. The outside is G2571A silky matte with 5% added rutile to create a bamboo effect. The black engobe appears black under the clear glaze but brown under the bamboo glaze.

G2571A cone 10R matte on H450 mugs. Bamboo version on left has 3.5 Rutile and 10 Zircopax added. Both mugs had L3954N black engobe applied inside and half way down the outside during leather hard stage. The liner glaze on the left is pure Ravenscrag Slip GR10-A.

Safety Data Sheet

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