Coming in November, 2022.


A buff-burning speckled cone 6 stoneware. M340S and M340GS supplies will run out by the end of 2022, this is much better and will replace them starting in November.

  • Less vitreous than M340 to enable bloat-free ware at cone 6 (with a margin to cone 7).
  • More plastic than M340 enabling making thinner, larger and more extreme pieces.
  • Smoother than M340 (rivals the feel of a porcelain but with far superior drying properties).

M341S mug fired to cone 6. G2926B white inside and G2934:G2926B 85:15 white outside. Both have 3% tin oxide and 5% Zircopax added.

Process Properties

M341S works well with our L3954B engobe. There will be no grogged version, this dries well so there is no need for it.


M340S vs M341S (cone 8 down to 6)

An all-new recipe, this fires easily to cone 6 (and even cone 7) while burning to the same color as M340.


M341S with colored glazes fired at cone 6 using the PLC6DS schedule. The white and colored mugs are made using the G2934 base, the clear and purple one using the G2926B base.

There should be no concerns with glazes, use the same ones you have always used.

Safety Data Sheet

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