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Normal Hours of Operation

Open Mo-Fr 8:30-5PM, closed Sat, Sun and long weekends.

Next closure for stat holiday is for Canada Day, closed on July 1, and re-open on July 2.





Ordering Information


Plainsman Products


  Low Temperature Clays
  Medium Temperature Clays
  High Temperature Clays
  Other Clays
  Native Clays
  Casting Slips


  Dry Materials
  Encapsulated Stains


  Spectrum Opaque Gloss Low Fire Glazes
  Spectrum Semi-Transparent Low Fire Glazes
  Spectrum Satin Matte Low Fire Glazes
  Spectrum Crackle Glazes
  Spectrum Metallic Glazes
  Spectrum Raku Glazes
  Plainsman Dry Glazes
  Potter's Choice Cone 5/6 Glazes
  Celadon Cone 5/6 Glazes
  Moroccan Sand Glazes
  Spectrum Hi Fire Cone 6 Glazes
  Spectrum Shino Glazes Cone 6
  Spectrum Celadon Glazes Cone 6
  Liquid Brights


  Spectrum 500 Underglazes
  Underglaze Tools
  Amaco Velvet Underglazes


  Enamelling Supplies
  Enamelling Tools


  Electric Pottery Kilns
  Electric Glass Kilns
  Kiln Furniture
  Kiln Parts, Accessories
  Exhaust Systems
  Potter's Wheels
  Slab Rollers
  Hand Extruders
  Banding Wheels
  Air Brushes


  Throwing Tools
  Trimming, Turning, Cutting Tools
  Wood/Bamboo Tools
  Wire and Wood Tools
  Decorating Tools
  Glazing Tools
  Ribs & Scrapers
  Ribbon/Wire Tools
  Knives, Needle Tools, Cutters
  Sculpture Tools
  Tool Kits


  Miscellaneous Accesories
  Cork Pads
  Oil Lamp Accessories
  Dispenser Pumps
  Teapot Handles
  Bisque Tiles

Covid 19 Changes to Service - as of Aug 2022

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for your wonderful support. We truly appreciate your patience and patronage, and we all feel so lucky to serve such a wonderful community.

Greenbarn is OPEN and allowing shoppers back inside the store!

BC has been working so hard to lower our case counts, and locally, our own staff are all fully vaccinated. A return to normal is feeling like a game of cat and mouse these days, remaining a bit elusive, but we'll get there! Based upon current recommendations, we are asking our customers to please:

1. Please enter through the store's FRONT ENTRANCE
2. Wearing a MASK is now recommended, but optional only
3. Health authority's are still recommending that we continue to SANITIZE

Greenbarn will very happily work with you to provide alternative arrangements through curbside pick-up if you prefer.

Finally, we've been working hard to make shopping from home easier for you as well. Our new website has an updated catalogue, with pictures and prices of the majority of our stock. We are always happy to answer your questions if you need a little help!

Thank you, and wishing you well, From all of us at Greenbarn.

Greenbarn Potter's Supply Ltd., 9548 - 192nd Street, SURREY, BC V4N 3R9
Phone: 604-888-3411, FAX: 604-888-4247, Email: